Tottori International Business Center

Our center is a public institution that supports economic exchanges between Tottori prefecture
and overseas companies.
We can introduce companies and products of Tottori prefecture to you.
Our specialists can communicate in multiple languages.
WEB Catalogue -Multilingual-
A web catalogue that introduces Tottori prefecture products in multiple languages. You will definitely
find the product you want.
If you would like to use the web catalogue or require any further information, feel free to contact us.
Tottori International Business Center has a web catalogue that introduces foods and industrial products of Tottori prefecture in multiple languages.
(Supported languages: English, Chinese, Russian, etc.)
More Information
Pick up -Introduction of companies and products of the prefecture-
There are many companies in Tottori prefecture that are aiming to expand overseas, and here we publish introductory materials of products made in our prefecture as an example.