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Tottori Prefecture virtual booth exhibited at Asia's largest healthcare exhibition

Tottori Industrial Promotion Organization (Tottori International Business Center) will exhibit the booth of Tottori prefecture companies at the largest health care business exhibition in Asia "CARE EXPO Thailand Healthy Living Asia 2021" at the end of March in Thailand (Bangkok). The companies will exhibit their products with the aim to develop sales channels at the nursing care and healthcare market in Southeast Asia with a focus on Thailand. Prior to this, we have already opened a virtual booth at the virtual exhibition hall.

Virtual booth venue:

Booth design (video)

Booth (image 1)

Booth (image 2)

Applicant company name Exhibited products
SUN CLEAN CO., LTD. Antibacterial/antiviral coating
GPC Laboratory Co., Ltd. Pear leaf tea, smoothies (health foods)
TOMISAWA CO., LTD. High-performance antiviral masks
Try-Angle Co., Ltd. Ultra-low temperature freezer, Cooling agent for ultra-low temperature freezer
Nishiura Co., Ltd. Support underwear for urine pad
Homecare Watanabe Co., Ltd. Bed sheets and pads for body position change in nursing care
Medi Beat Inc. Paper face shield, film with antifog effect for loupe lenses,
pressure ulcer simulator, face mask frame
Yawata Corporation Dietary supplements, foods with functional claims